An Introduction to Thaintro


Today I finally took charge of my backpacking life and booked my first, and probably not my last, group tour. I am excited.

I chose the company, Thaintro. Mainly because I love a good pun, and their name is Homeseemingly a pun on introduction and Thailand. Instant love. I’m deadly serious when I say this was a key factor in what I looked for. They scream out fun to me. And I’ll say it again, LOVE.

To be quite honest, I wasn’t overly sure what I was getting. I only knew that it was about to be a bargain. At £399 for one week, that seemed like a right catch. I had done my research previously, and reviews had mentioned how the group leader physically comes to get you from the airport. Which is brilliant! I won’t be lost, which will be a great start. And then they put you up for the first night in Bangkok, and throw you in with about 14 other people ( I sense a party ) Being cheap was really the selling point for me.

I sent my details, gave them a quick phone call, and BAM! paid my £100 non refundable deposit. Boom. Then I got an email receipt, which obviously everyone checks, and I was surprised to see what is included in my week.

So I get;

  • 2 nights accommodation in Bangkok
  • airport transfer
  • overnight train through Thailand
  • Ferries to Island of Koh Phangan
  • 3 nights in a beach side bungalow
  • City Orientation and tuk tuk ride
  • bangkok river cruise
  • Visit to the temples & thai cooking class
  • trip to Koh Sok National Park
  • overnight stay in floating bungalows
  • elephant trekking
  • boat trip to beaches and waterfalls
  • thai massage
  • farewell dinner and drinks

Where is the time to sleep in all that!?

Whats great about the company, is all their leaders are young, trained every 6 weeks and live and breathe Thailand. They can organise accommodation to the Full Moon parties for an extra £20 for 2 nights, or you can even book another trip after that week has ended for only £149 to Phuket and Phi Phi. This trip lasts 4 nights, and all transport and accommodation is included. What more could you ask for?

So if anyone is thinking about booking a trip to Thailand and have no idea where to begin, Thaintro could be the ones for you!

Let the adventure begin...