Planning is Part of the Fun!

Now, who was delusional enough to think of that statement? Honestly.

So I would say, I’m about half way through the ‘planning’ phase of my travels for the States. If half way was more like being near the beginning. Sigh. So far, there is 4 of us that has decided renting a car and driving the southern route of america to LA is a fantastic idea. Which it is. On paper. Or in this case, a Facebook message.Because you see, I’ve never actually met any of the people I’m travelling with. Which has personally added to the excitement of the whole trip.

Everyone is buzzing with the thought of driving somewhere after we’ve worked our little socks off for the last 11 weeks. And to share the same passions and likes as someone you’ve never met is a big deal, and a massive step towards what could potentially lead to some amazing friendships. (I can’t wait!)

Our starting point is camp, in Washington. That’s pretty much the only solid thing we have right now! But we are driving through to New Orleans, Tennessee, Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Nevada and finally ending up in California. There are no words to describe how amazing this journey will be. We have 3 nights in Las Vegas already booked in a sweet hotel which cost £60. EXACTLY. And did I mention we’re camping out under the stars at the Grand Canyon? Yeah we are!

But once we’ve seen the Hollywood sign, and walked down some famous avenues, we’re hopping on a 15 hour overnight train to Chicago for 3 nights, before heading up north towards New York, as this is where I’m flying home from, and is an easy base for the other guys flying from good ol’ DC.

Times Square on  in NYC

The only thing I have to worry about is a couple of days on my own in New York, and that isn’t a bad thing at all! And maybe the whole driving thing. Can you  honestly imagine me driving on the other side of the road just screaming lyrics to songs i barely know just to stay awake? No neither can I. And I don’t think they know what they’re letting themselves in for!

Any recommendations of hotels, or good places to stay in New York are welcomed with open arms.

So that’s my summer plans. Jealous? Thought so. 😉