The Countdown is On!

Recently I’ve become a bit lazy (again) when it comes to updating this blog. I’ve been so busy, I’ve even ticked two things off my bucket list!!


In August of last year, I had a telephone interview for this coming summer when I was asked the question, “how well can you swim?”. Now, I’m a pretty good person, but I may have told a sneaky white lie and said, “really well/I love it/ Its my favourite sport”. Which then backfired on me when they immediately signed me up for a life guarding course for this year.

I somehow managed to convince myself, that I would swim every single day for 30 minutes, gradually building up my time, speed and distance for the next 6 months. Then somehow, I may pass all my prerequisites. How hard could it be right?!?!

Well. Lets just say when I saw the list of prerequisites, I could have just cried. Sad tears of course, not happy ones. But it was something I had thought about gaining previously, and having been hired on the basis of actually being a life guard already, I didn’t have a lot of choice.

Let me just say, that if you ever seriously want to do this qualification, you are crazy. But in a good way. Because it will wreck your body and social life, like no other.

I gave up nights out, afternoon lunch dates with my best friends and ended up being so tired that I was in bed by 8pm every night. For 5 months. In the beginning, it was genuinly a nightmare, and I considered giving up before I had even begun thousands of times. Luckily, I have several amazingly supportive friends, who understood and actually forced me to train/listened to me cry down the phone about how I was about to fail. One of them can’t even swim, and physically got in the pool with me. That’s how much I love them with all my heart.

But you know what time does. It literally creeps up on you and out of no where my course date had arrived. That first day, felt like I was starting school all over again. I had met 3 girls , one in my hotel, one the night before, and one in the pool waiting room, so we all crapped ourselves together. You know when you get that ultimate fear of, ‘ i wish i had actually practiced that more’ going round and round? Well, that was going round in my brain at 60mph.

But somehow I swam my distance in the quickest time I’ve ever swam, picked up a stupidly heavy brick off the floor with no problem & tread water like it was the most natural thing in the world. The one thing that completely threw me, was an underwater swim. The biggest thing for me, was confidence and knowing it was mind over matter. Which luckily, it was. And even though it took me 3 attempts, I did it. The best bit about that whole part? Having the amazing group literally behind me the whole time. Also slightly embarrassing now though. No one wants to be cheered, or clapped at when you look like a dying whale.

Obviously, it was by far the hardest 5 days of my life. I’ve never eaten so many Subways before, or ready made porridge. I came home with a cracked rib from backboarding, covered head to toe in bruises and a massive scar in the middle of my hand. But the one thing I realised that they never actually told me before I went, was that I would meet some amazing people. The best part, is that we’re all still in touch, there are summer plans in the states & we have a massive night out coming up.

So the countdown is on!! 59 days and I’ll be 100% life guarding in the states.