Travel Theme – Statues

Recently I discovered a blog by cornishkylie where I came across another weekly trend! I’m a sucker for these kinds of things, as it’s a great platform to show off some photos/keep my blog updated regularly. We all know I’m not the greatest at that…

So, inspired by both Kylie and the original post by wheresmybackpack, here are a few fun statues I saw last year on my travels!


A little chocolate Eiffel Tower in a chocolate shop in Paris


jelly bean Statue of Liberty in Las Vegas


The real Statue of Liberty


Golden Buddha of Chaing Mai

And finally one powerful statue:


Freedom statue in Berlin. In remembrance of those who lost their lives in the nazi concentration camps during world war 2

What are some of the best statues you have seen?

Looking After The Pennies

Everyday I work with money. Loads of it. Sometimes I get lovely notes from people on it and I always wonder where in the UK that note has come from. But that is besides the point.


(This person is probably right)

Everyone I seem to meet always asks if I have any ‘savings’ and quite frankly, it’s nobodies business but my own. Saving for travelling is hard and no one ever really tells you quite how hard its going to be. But one of the best questions always seems to be, ‘how are you doing this on such a low paid job?’ 

To be honest, my job isn’t low paid for what I do, and the hours I work. It’s government average. I pay my taxes and NI like any other honest person, but I am just sensible with my income. Like others, I have my rent to pay, my bills to pay, I contribute where I can and still have a social life.

To travel, you need to have passion, drive and a clear goal about what you want to achieve whilst travelling. The key to the travelling money pot though, is budgeting. Definitely easier said than done.

Each payday I look at my expenses and see what I need. Learning the difference between needs and wants also plays a massive part in this! Then, I withdraw all my money. If its not in the bank, how can I spend it? All the notes go into a jar in my home, and I keep £80 out. (That’s £20 a week if you can’t work it out 😉 )

ImageIn the £20, I still manage to get my breakfast everyday, go for lunch, drinks of an evening, pay for my weekly locker at the pool & treat myself on a Friday night. You’ll be surprised how far you can push your money when you want something so badly. And at the end of the week, if you have a bit of loose change, whack that in your pot too! It all adds up.

If you feel like the temptation is too great, why not volunteer some spare time to your local community? Doing this a few nights a week can cut expenses from your local in a flash. An even better way to look at it, is to work out how far that £50 night out on the weekend would get you in south east Asia. You could probably get a few nights in a hotel with meals with that! It’s crazy what you find out when you do your research.

A great way to make some easy money if you have a few spare minutes of your time, is to sign up to survey websites. It’s pretty simple. Tried and tested by yours truly, is MySurvey. A couple of surveys get emailed to you every 1-2 weeks, ranging between 5-30 minutes.
You gain points which equate to Paypal funds! In 3 months, I have personally earned over £20, which has been welcomed in my travelling pot!


MySurvey header image - MySurvey - Discover the power of Your Opinion

And if you don’t have time for this, get rid of your old gear you don’t/won’t need whilst travelling. It’s only going to collect dust in the time you have gone. Another mans trash, is another mans treasure remember!

So that’s it for me. That’s how I’m doing. I’m even sad enough to have a little spreadsheet on the go. Someone save me before its too late. Any other savings tips are greatly welcomed!

How are you saving for travelling?