What are YOU doing next summer?

Thinking about summer camp next year? Stop thinking and start applying!

It may seem a little early to consider what you may or may not be doing next summer, but if you’re looking for an experience you’ll never forget, with the opportunity to travel afterwards, then summer camp in America may just be for you!

When I first considered joining the Camp Leaders programme, last August, I had hundreds of questions that I couldn’t always find the answer too. Hopefully, this post will answer a few of those.

“What is it all about?!”
Summer camp is a huge tradition in the states. Thousands and thousands of parents send their children away to camp each summer, leaving them in the hands of us! The kids are after a good time, learn new skills and make memories that last a lifetime.

“How do I know if I’m going to enjoy it?”
Take it from us. You just will. As long as you’re outgoing, patient and don’t mind looking a fool for a childs entertainment on the odd occasion, its for you! It is one of the most rewarding experiences you will ever have, and it is something you can take away with you forever. Not only that, you will be able to brag when you get home that it is possibly the coolest summer job ever.

“What do I get for my money?”
With Camp Leaders the programme fees can be as little as £389. This is an incentive for you to put all your work in and get you application processed and placable as soon as possible. Included in your fees are your return flights, medical insurance, all your visa paperwork, admin fees, 24/7 support here and in the states, and obviously a paid summer job in America.

“Will I get placed?”
99.9% of participants get a place at camp.

“But I don’t have any experience”
Yes you do! Everyone has a skill that makes them unique to camp, and if you’re really worried about it, check out local volunteering opportunities. Do-it has a wide range of youth and childcare opportunities nationwide that would enhance your application. If you’re still unsure, check out the some of the courses that are offered by Camp Leaders.

These are just a few of the questions I get asked on twitter, instagram and facebook, but honestly, you will not regret your decision to sign up. There is a camp out there for everyone, and all camps are completely different, so no experience will be the same, but your summer memories will last a lifetime.


Here Goes…

So, if anyone had walked up to me 6 months ago and said “you’re about to get your dream job & you’ll see the world doing it”, I would have laughed at them right in their face and told them where to get off.

You see, six months ago, I was aimlessly wandering around Turkey with a lethal raki cocktail  in one hand, trying to hold onto my dignity in the other whilst trying to hide all emotions possible, all with 2 of my closest friends. Because in all honesty, my life was heading no where. I had just turned 22, seen all my friends graduate, buy houses, settle down and get engaged. Then there was me. Still working in the same dead end job I had when I turned 15. Already having turned down a job in Majorca with Thomas Cook when I was 19, I knew something had to change. But it took a week of talking to people I hadn’t met before, and quite frankly, was never going to keep in touch with, to talk me into one thing. Getting out of a dead end town.

As soon as I headed back home, I was on another plane. This time to Spain to once again clear my head & to not make any rational decisions. But after another week of fun in the sun, I realised I wanted my next summer to be spent abroad doing something I loved, getting paid for it and seeing whatever I could before my bank had a meltdown.

Which brings me back to today. I have 14 working weeks left in the UK. Thats 70 days. 70 days until I fly out to Washington DC and attempt to start something new. Something which I should’ve done when I was 18 years old and when it was quite literally, handed to me on a plate. But being young and in ‘love’ apparently changes your mindset quite drastically.

So in 70 days time I need to be ready. Mentally, and physically. Of course there are obstacles in the way. Passing my first aid course is one, along with learning how to lifeguard is most certainly another. But i’m sure with a fresh determined outlook, I can make this happen. In fact, I will make this happen. Already sacrificing social time with my oldest friends, to swim laps of the pool until I can’t stand, and trying to live off £20 a week – probably the hardest thing  I’ve ever done in my life – it will all be worth it. But if it wasn’t for the most amazing, understanding friends you could ever ask for that realise what you want to do in life, I probably would have never logged on & filled out an application form. And who knows, after all this, I will have had the summer of my life, worked harder than I’ve ever worked & met some amazing people.